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Tips for placing your children in child care

What To Look For In After-School Care For Your Children

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After-school care programs and centers can be a lifesaver for working parents. It is worth it to vet programs and make sure care options work with your needs and what is best for your children. There are plenty of factors that you can bring to the table when picking an after-school program. It is important to look at where your child is developmentally and what their specific needs are. Here are three things to think about when researching after-school programs for your child. 1. Learning-Based Environments There are plenty of after-school care options that might be housed right at school or at a nearby church. These types of care environments tend to sway towards learning-based activities. The tend to focus on homework, other types of educational programs, or religious studies. This can be a great way for your child to continue learning in a safe environment after school. If your child is struggling in school, a more one-on-one environment that can help with homework can be beneficial. 2. The Age of Children Depending on the size of an after-school program, check in on the age range of children in the care facility and how many children are close to your child’s age. If your child is shy and needs to come out of their shell, a center with plenty of kids their own age might be a better fit. If your child is cooped up with children that are a lot younger or older, they might not be getting the socialization that you hoped for. 3. Activities Offered Children usually have been cooped up in class all day long and can benefit from after-school activities that give them a chance to exercise and get fresh air. If you have a child that is always ready to run and play, this type of environment might be a great option. If you can find an after-school care environment that has a day camp or sport aspect to it, this can help your child burn off excess energy and increase confidence through new activities. Just remember that your child’s needs will be evolving over time and a child care option that is perfect this year might change into something else next year. Listen to your child and make sure that they are happy. Your child’s needs should be met emotionally, mentally, and physically in any care environment that you decide on. Explore plenty of programs, like Day Care by ABC Day Nursery of Windsor, before you make your...

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How Montessori Schools Help Children With Autism Succeed

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If you have a child with autism, you likely feel much of the frustration that your child might experience trying to keep up with the rest of the class. But for children with autism, the problem is not your child, but is instead the environment under which your child is learning. Alternative forms of education, such as a Montessori school, may help your child flourish scholastically. Reality-Based Education Children with autism struggle with original thought because they often have rigid thinking and are resistant to change. Instead, it is more common for children with autism to engage in ritualistic behavior. Montessori schools are better-suited for the strengths and weaknesses of autistic children because an emphasis is placed on the realities of the universe and discourages too much time spent on imaginative play until the child’s thinking is grounded in reality. The best basis for learning is viewed as being based in reality. To accomplish this, children are given real materials and are encouraged to engage in activities that produce real-world results. For example, if a child wants to cook, rather than engage in play cooking, the child would learn how to cook real food. For autistic children who struggle with imagination, this is a better environment for learning. More Socialization A particularly traumatizing aspect of having autism is that your child may have been held back and had to watch his or her friends move onto a different grade. This can make it more difficult for your child to make new friends, which can also contribute to a decline in social skills. However, at Montessori schools, children of all ages are placed in the same classroom, so your child will not lose his or her friends. This is critical, because the primary focus is on the children pursuing their own interests. Therefore, your child would not necessarily progress in a predictable direction that would allow him or her to be laced in a specific classroom. Socialization is especially important for children who have autism. Predictable Routines Children with autism usually thrive in environments that have a predictable routine. While traditional classrooms may not cater to these needs, Montessori schools have more flexibility, which allows for them to be structured in a predictable manner that will allow your child to focus on what he or she is learning rather than feeling anxious about the lack of structure. While these schools are definitely out-of-the-box thinking, that is often the only way to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges such as special needs. For more information, contact a school like Colwell Nursery School...

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Daycare: 3 Beneficial Services For You & Your Child

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Although you might think daycare is only for single parents who need someone to watch over their children while they’re at work, daycare centers actually offer a variety of services. Whether you simply need safe after-school facilities for your child, or you are looking for in-home daycare services, chances are there is a program in your area that can accommodate your needs. This article discusses three of the most beneficial services daycare programs provide and how they might help you and your family. Before And After School Programs For children who are at school during the day but need a place where their imagination and intellect can be developed and nurtured when school is out, many daycare facilities offer and before and after-school programs. These programs, such as the before school programs A Child’s View Learning Centre Ltd, include supervision by a licensed child-care professional, and many are structured around cognitive development activities designed to stimulate children’s minds and creativity. In-Home Care For those who prefer a more personalized approach, many daycare services offer in-home programs to care for your toddler or infant child. This service entails a smaller number of children who stay with a caregiver in his or her home during the day. The benefits of a setting with fewer children include more personalized attention for your own child, and the opportunity for the children and the caregiver to form more meaningful, lasting relationships with one another. Those who provide daycare service in their own home are often subject to inspections from the Ministry of Education, so you can rest assured that the quality of supervision and instruction are top notch. Early Literacy Programs Many daycare providers also offer parents the option of enrolling their children in early literacy programs. These programs are designed to accelerate a child’s ability to communicate, including everything from verbal communication to the written and unspoken forms. Some of the activities in such programs include simply speaking to young children and playing games with them. Even the sense of touch can have a tremendous effect on the development of communication abilities, especially early in life. In young children, the development of early literacy skills often translates to improved proficiency in scholastic subjects like reading and math. In the end, while daycare centers are a terrific aid for single parents or who need help raising young children, they can also benefit parents and children in other ways. Whether your child needs before or after-school supervision, you want more personalized care for your infant or toddler, or you want to give your child the best chance at success with early literacy programs, daycare services provide a number of ways to help you give your child the attention they...

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